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The Heal & Thrive Method

8 Week Program with Hands-on Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching & Chronic Illness Support

I currently offer an eight week small group coaching program designed to equip you with in depth knowledge and science-backed tools for complex trauma recovery and chronic illness/pain support. This program is also meant to help you build a life that feels fulfilling and purposeful in the midst of the oftentimes challenging healing process, with all its ups and downs, uncertainty, and quite often - grief.


I come to this work as a trained practitioner but even more importantly, as a fellow human who deeply understands the challenges of navigating CPTSD and chronic illness/pain simultaneously. I created this program not only so that you would be equipped with the tools to navigate these experiences with more ease, but also that you would feel much less alone in the process. It can often be very difficult to find other people who truly understand this experience, and this program is designed to bring people together who really get it, and who want to find hope and healing as a community together.


Continue through this page for more information on this program as I answer some of the most frequently asked questions! Or if you're feeling ready, I'd invite you to click on the button below to get on the Waitlist, and you will be the first to hear when enrollment for the next program opens up!

What is included in the 8 week program?

This program consists of 1 hour live zoom calls twice per week for 8 weeks! It will include 8 teaching modules of psychoeducation on all the healing modalities listed on the "My Approach" page (and much more!), as wells as 8 Question & Answer calls where we dive deep into how to apply everything you're learning to your everyday life.​ In addition, each program cohort is capped at 4-5 people per group so that each person can feel individually supported on the calls each week!

This program also consists of 24 different practical resources that will aid you in regulating your nervous system and feeling better in mind/body... and you can practice these at home each day! You will also be provided with 1-3 worksheets per week to help deepen your understanding of the material covered and assist in practical application to your life.

1. Understanding and regulating your autonomic nervous system

2. Understanding and healing prolonged, complex, early developmental, and chronic illness/medical trauma(s)

3. Creating a strong sense of internal safety after living with daily intense emotional overwhelm (anxiety, panic, hopelessness, terror, etc.) and/or chronic illness and pain 

4. Building relational safety through understanding attachment styles and why we relate to others, ourselves, and the world the way we do

5. Reconnecting with our younger parts and learning why and how our childhood experiences still live on in our bodies today (and how to heal them)

6. Learning how to set consistent boundaries in our lives to feel a much greater sense of ease, freedom, and excitement in every area 

7. Understanding where our thoughts are coming from and how to work with them (not against them) to simultaneously heal our past and create a different future through regulating our thoughts

8. Designing a life that fully supports your mind/body recovery through staying within your window of tolerance and getting to know and love your truest, most authentic self

The 8 teaching modules will focus on:

This program is for anyone who is on the recovery journey from complex trauma, chronic illness, or both. Trying to heal from one or both of these conditions can be so isolating, difficult, time consuming, and lonely to say the least. So having the proper tools, support, and connection on this journey can be absolutely invaluable. 

Typically complex trauma causes us to become overwhelmed in our thoughts/emotions, in our environments, in our bodies (and physical sensations), and in our relationships. This program is for anyone who would like to reduce the levels of stress/overwhelm in any of these areas (or all four!).


We unfortunately cannot always control exactly how or when chronic illness or complex trauma manifest themselves in our lives. Some seasons where we are working through one or both can be incredibly intense, especially if we are processing through the deepest of our traumatic experiences. The unpredictability of it all can be quite overwhelming. This is why gaining knowledge and trauma-informed skills in the areas that we can allows for us to still have tremendous agency and fulfillment in our lives in the midst of a complex healing journey.  

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Who is this program designed for?

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Read what others had to say about working with me here:

What makes this program different?

Over the past decade I have immersed myself in so many different fields of study for my own healing, including psychology, mental and emotional health and well-being, cognitive behavioral courses, brain retraining, life coaching, trauma-informed coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, EFT, Somatic Attachment Work, Somatic Touch Work, IFS, Parts Work, Traumatic Stress Studies, Early Developmental & Complex Traumas, Nervous System Regulation courses… the list goes on. 


Some of the modalities were very helpful on my journey, but others weren't as effective and served mainly as band-aid approaches. It was overwhelming and time-consuming to find the modalities that helped me to heal while consistently dealing with symptoms of complex trauma and chronic illness/pain. This led to creating a program that includes the most effective trauma healing modalities that get to the root cause(s) of mind/body suffering, so that others do not have to search for a decade to find relief like I did.


This program is an extremely holistic approach that includes six major trauma-healing modalities to help you build safety in your body, thoughts/emotions, relationships, and the environment/world around you. As you start to feel safer and have more ease in these four areas, it will give you the clarity and ability to design your life around what your mind and body need, while also fulfilling you and giving you an immense sense of connectedness and purpose along the way. This program is designed to do just that!

What are the next steps to see if this is a right fit for me?

Oftentimes when we’ve experienced complex trauma, it can be really difficult and scary to step out and ask for help. I highly value your feeling safe when working with me, and that you are able to get the exact help and support you are looking for.


If you are thinking about working with me but are unsure if it’s the right fit, I’d invite you to first click on the “Join the Waitlist” link below so that I can email you some more information on it! Or if you prefer, feel free to send me any questions you may have through the Let's Connect section on the bottom of this page, I am always so happy to answer any and all questions you might have! I really look forward to talking with you soon!

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