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Client Testimonials

What Previous Clients Have to Say About Working with Me

"Erin was able to provide something for me that I knew I needed for a very long time… a way for my body to no longer feel perpetually stuck in the past, but rather - to become fully safe, and alive, in the present moment."

- Client Testimonial

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Image by Omar Lopez

“Working with Erin has been so valuable and healing to me. She provides an extremely safe space to process past and current pain & trauma, which had previously been very difficult for me to find.

Throughout my life it had been a struggle for me to open up to people, but with Erin I not only felt safe enough to do so - but I was always met with acceptance, compassion, understanding, and empowerment in the process.

I now have a much greater understanding of my nervous system and my self-protective parts, and how to help myself to regulate so those parts of me can finally feel safe again.

This somatic healing work is absolutely life-changing, and Erin teaches it from her own lived, embodied experience in a way that is so authentic and has helped me to feel so much less alone on my healing journey.

She is such a gift and I have no doubt that she will help many others to receive the same breakthroughs that I have found in working with her!”

- Client Testimonial

“Erin helped me so much in recognizing that the pain of my past is very real and valid… and at the same time, there is a way to heal from it and experience freedom today.


Erin not only listens incredibly well, but creates a VERY safe space where she is able to ask the right questions, while at the same time never once judging or seeming surprised by my answers.


I now have the tools to continue to revisit and feel into the parts of my life and past that were difficult for me, at a very simple and tolerable pace.


AND I can meet myself with kindness, nurturance, and self-regulation both in those re-lived past experiences, and in my current circumstances... I have never felt more empowered.”

- Client Testimonial

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Image by Courtney Cook

“Erin helped me out tremendously in a season where I experienced so much anxiety and so much fear on a daily basis.


We did many practical exercises in our sessions together that always felt safe and supportive.


She is so welcoming and so present, and I felt so much comfort during my time with her. 


I would leave our meetings with great tools to help myself to be present with my body in times when my anxiety attacks would come in.”

- Client Testimonial

"Erin has continually highlighted for me that my trauma responses are, and always have been, nothing short of brilliant. I no longer judge myself for the ways that I’ve survived, but rather, I hold the deepest respect and gratitude for myself and my history now."

- Client Testimonial

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