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About Me

Somatic Practitioner, Complex Trauma & Chronic Illness Coach

I spent the majority of my life feeling so different from everyone around me. I experienced chronic illness/pain symptoms since the day I was born, and further compounding traumas over the years caused me to feel extremely unsafe in my own mind and body on a daily basis.


I grew up not understanding why I was continually feeling so much internal overwhelm, while simultaneously struggling to talk about it or let others into the process. The way I presented to the world was drastically different from my internal reality, which often left me feeling extremely disconnected from my own life and from others.

Finally, in my late twenties I came across the world of somatic trauma healing and started to understand how traumatic stress can build up in our systems over time. This build up eventually causes every area of life to feel incredibly overwhelming, especially if we are also dealing with chronic illness/pain symptoms at the same time.

With the somatic work I gained the ability to start to start to release decades of traumatic stress and find safety in my body, in my relationships, and in the world around me for the first time ever. And this newfound sense of safety has allowed me to discover who I really am, as well to design my life entirely around my body and chronic illness symptoms in a very connected and fulfilling way. 

Image by Yanapi Senaud

This is why I do the work that I do— to help you regulate your nervous system and have the somatic tools to design your life around recovery and honoring your mind/body health too. So that you no longer have to live your life feeling like every moment is spent in survival mode, urgency, and overwhelm due to all the mind/body symptoms.


Because when you are no longer in constant survival mode, you can finally start to live with much more ease in all areas of your life. You can start to discover and take steps towards your purpose, experience intimacy and safety in relationships, start to feel more capacity to feel into trauma(s) without becoming overwhelmed, and design your life to be fully aligned with exactly what your mind and body need to feel safe and secure!


If this resonates with you, and you’d like to learn more about how complex trauma and/or chronic illness affects our day-to-day lives and why somatic healing is so important, feel free to click on the tab below for more information.

And the exact same can happen for you too.


I have studied and trained in many different trauma-informed programs and/or modalities that all largely inform the work that I do. These include:

  • Somatic Experiencing -- Dr. Peter Levine’s 3 year trauma-training program (currently in year 3)

  • Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies -- Trauma Research Foundation (led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and featuring 25 of today's leading trauma experts)

  • Somatic Attachment Theory -- Dr. Diane Poole Heller’s DARe program

  • The Foundations of Polyvagal Theory -- The Polyvagal Institute 

  • Attachment, Relational, and Developmental Trauma -- NARM Training Institute

  • Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists, Module One -- Kathy Kain (Ph.D, SEP)

  • Trauma-Informed Healing Course, "Your Healing Toolkit" -- Sarah Baldwin (SEP, trauma-informed coach)

  • Nervous System Regulation Course, "Smart Body Smart Mind" -- Irene Lyon (SEP, MSC)

  • Scientuitve Educator Beta Module -- Irene Lyon (SEP, MSC)

Feel free to click on the tab below to learn more about these modalities!

Image by Clay Banks
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