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Hi there my friend,

I know how difficult it can be to try to navigate daily life with chronic illness/pain and complex trauma.

I created this site so that first and foremost, you would feel seen and known in your experience.

I understand firsthand how attempting to build a full, connected, and meaningful life alongside chronic illness/pain and complex trauma symptoms can be challenging, confusing, overwhelming, and isolating... to say the least.

I'd love to walk you through this page to show you that you do not need to do this journey alone, and that there is hope for deep fulfillment and joy in the process when we design our lives around our nervous system health and recovery.

All the best, Erin

Meet Erin

Complex Trauma & Chronic Illness Coach

I spent the majority of my life feeling so overwhelmed by what I was experiencing internally. The combination of years of complex trauma and chronic illness left me feeling so unsafe in my mind and body that it was such a challenge to ever be present or enjoy my life. I found myself having extreme difficulty in relationships and never feeling connected to myself, other people, or the world around me, no matter how hard I tried to get there.

Having a highly activated nervous system and a body that is frequently suffering or in pain/discomfort is a challenge that one cannot truly understand unless you've lived it. But building a life around our body's recovery and our nervous system healing is absolutely possible, and it's possible to learn how to feel deeply connected with ourselves, others, and the world around us along the way.


Areas I Specialize In

Nervous System Regulation & Trauma Healing

Understanding & Healing Thoughts & Emotions

Inner Parts Work & Somatic Boundary Setting

Creating Safety in Relationships & Attachment Work

Trauma-Informed Chronic Illness/ Pain Support

Image by Tina Witherspoon

Understanding how complex trauma and chronic illness affect our nervous systems is the first step towards designing our life for recovery. Click below to learn more.

Erin helped me out tremendously in a season where I experienced so much anxiety and so much fear on a daily basis.

- Client Testimonial

Throughout my life it had been a struggle for me to open up to people, but with Erin I not only felt safe enough to do so - but I was always met with acceptance, compassion, understanding, and empowerment in the process.

- Client Testimonial

“I can meet myself with kindness, nurturance, and self-regulation both in those re-lived past experiences, and in my current circumstances... I have never felt more empowered.

- Client Testimonial

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Curious about my holistic two month program designed to help you build your life around complex trauma and/or chronic illness recovery? Click the button below to learn more.

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